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Who Is My Neighbor?

Ninth Sunday after Pentecost, July 21, 2024 @ 9:15 AM

Rev. E. Nicholas Van Gombos

Readings: Psalm 82 and Luke 10:25-37

“The Stories of Jesus: Then and Now” carries us on through this summer. Among all of Jesus’ stories the one prompted by an antagonist’s query gets attention on several levels. We know it as “The Good Samaritan” offered by Jesus in the context of what one must do to inherit eternal life? More specifically, this compelling tale draws us into a question which in essence would be ‘how do I become engaged with another’s story?’ It comes to a head with the attempted dodge: ‘Who is my Neighbor?’

Hope you may join as we reflect on that compelling question: “Who is my Neighbor?”


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Hymn 31 “Let Us with a Gladsome Mind” (MONKLAND)
Hymn 744 “Arise, Your Light is Come!” (FESTAL SONG)
Hymn 772 “Live into Hope” (TRURO)