We are a faith community which began a journey in this place in 1861, and which is hoping to be faithful to that journey in the 21st century.

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Worship Schedule : Regular Hours (9:45 AM)

October 6 : "The Decentered Self", Rev. Monroe

October 13th : "The Sacrament of Life", Rev. Monroe

October 20 : "The Prayer of Transformation", Rev. Monroe

October 27 : "Dying Before We Die", Rev. Monroe

Recognizing that the institutional church has not kept pace with the changes in our culture and the needs of people, we are committed to innovation, service and spiritual growth. Expanding styles and times of worship and small groups where adults shape their own learning in a trusting environment are examples of our strategies for personal growth.

We are shaped by a living faith tradition, yet we honor everyone's unique journey and do not force or coerce people to fit into a mold. We believe that people are spiritually hungry and that the Spirit in our open and risk-taking community is able to provide nurture and strength for many.

We, the First Presbyterian Church of Rumson, are called by God to be a spiritual and visible presence by living out our faith and sharing our gifts among God's people.

Are you looking for deeper connections with God and others?
We are too . . . We hope you'll join us!

First Presbyterian Church
East River Road at Park Avenue
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 399
Rumson, New Jersey 07760
Phone: (732) 842-0429
Fax: (732) 933-4918

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The Tiffany Group: The group of windows consist of a circular window (see our directions page) above two oblong ones (seen here). They are the gift of Robert Lenox Maitland, JR. in memory of his parents Robert Lenox Maitland and Mary Currie Maitland. These windows are authenticated as created by Tiffany Studios, circa 1893.